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It's more achievable than you think

Lean startup 

In a two day intensive, we will take your idea and provide the structure, strategy and plan to execute your dream. 

That includes setting your vision, understanding your target audience, building you a business canvas, create a clear value proposition, a roadmap and execution plan. 

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The Young Boxing Woman Project

A not for profit designed to empower young women to claim their space with no apologies. 

Utilising boxing as a tool to develop confidence in young women.


Shaking up the fintech industry, DecipherTrading is an app that provides you ASX performance data, and access to a trading strategy that has outperformed the market for 20 years. 

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One Foot Forward

Social enterprise and sports apparel company. 

Supporting women and girls into and through the martial arts industry. 

Creating functional, quality fightwear for female athletes.

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