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We care

Here at Dingo Factory we value your business as much as you do.

With over 15 years working with a range of industries, small and large business alike, we understand that it takes passion and grit to see a project through. 


Product Management Consulting & Coaching 

Stacey provides you and your team the tools that you need in order to take your idea or problem from inception through to delivery. Unlock your team's potential with a coach that can provide them personalised support and empower them to deliver amazing initiatives.

Build capability | Improve backlog | Enablement | Move from reactive to proactive | The right tools | 1 on 1s | Trust

Problems she can help solve:

  • Getting new team members going quickly

  • Messy backlog

  • Lack of clarity on what will happen when

  • Unclear vision - team just delivering without understanding why it matters

Pruduct Managemen

Strategy & Problem Solving

Every successful business, project or product has a clear vision and strategy.

If you don't, it's likely your team is struggling to be cohesive, find their grove and make strong progress. 

  • Clear vision - A clear vision strips away the noise so a team can be focused, efficient and goal oriented

  • Bite size goals - A vision is only attainable if it's broken down into achievable goals

  • How - Creating the right operation model is key to executing your plan

  • Build a backlog - Create a backlog that's not overwhelming and harnesses the skills of your team

  • The tools you need - Get your house in order

  • Workshopping - Any problem can be solved with a little workshopping

  • Trust - Sometimes you need to soundboard in confidence

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Startup in a day

In a two day intensive take your idea to inception with a clear vision, strategy and all the tools you need to get moving. 

Whether you are looking at a product or a service our lean startup model works for you. 

We have dropped the fluff and focus on the crucial elements because we understand you need to make smart financial decisions and get to market as quickly as possible. 

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Got questions? 

Do you have questions but aren't ready to launch into a full program? Book a 50 minute consult to sound board your idea with a professional. 

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