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Product Management Consultanting

Stacey provides you and your team the tools that you need in order to take your idea or problem from inception through to delivery.


Unlock your team's potential with a coach that can provide them personalised support and empower them to deliver amazing initiatives.


Strategy & Problem Solving

Every successful business, project or product has a clear vision and strategy.

If you don't, it's likely your team is struggling to be cohesive, find their grove and make strong progress.

Clear vision - A clear vision strips away the noise so a team can be focused, efficient and goal oriented

Bite size goals - A vision is only attainable if it's broken down into achievable goals

How - Creating the right operation model is key to executing your plan

Build a backlog - Create a backlog that's not overwhelming and harnesses the skills of your team

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Stacey has over 15 years experience in the product and strategy space. 

If you need help solving a problem, mapping out a workshop you need to run, some guidance on your startup, or your strategy Stacey can help. 

Book a 50 minute session to get started now. 

Lean startup

We understand you need to move quickly. In a two day intensive, we will take your idea and provide the structure, strategy and plan to execute your dream. 

That includes setting your vision, understanding your target audience, building you a business canvas, create a clear value proposition, a roadmap and execution plan. 

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