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Here at Dingo Factory we value your business as much as you do. With over 15 years working with a range of industries, small and large business alike, we understand that it takes passion and grit to see a project through. 

Product Management Consulting

Stacey provides you and your team the tools that you need in order to take your idea or problem from

inception through to delivery. Unlock your team's potential with a coach that can provide them personalised

support and empower them to deliver amazing initiatives.

  • Build capability: Provides you are your team with bespoke mentoring on knowledge gaps or ways to address particular problems in getting through delivery

  • Improvement backlog: Observations will provide you with a list of items that need focus, from backlog to strategy

  • Enablement: Working with Stacey your team can take on the activities themselves have more focus on what the real problems are

  • Moving from reactive to proactive: Instead of fixing the problems as they come, Stacey can help you see them before they become a problem

  • The tools you need: Get your house in order, vision - strategy - roadmap - backlog - team cadence, she will guide you

  • 1 on 1s: Certifications will only get you so far, working with Stacey she can impart knowledge to individuals who are new to the role, are stepping up for the first time and may have some gaps their need support with

  • Trust: Stacey can provide trusted support to free you up to do more of strategic work, building your team to where you need them to be.


Problems she can help solve:

  • Getting new team members going quickly

  • Messy backlog

  • Lack of clarity on what will happen when

  • Unclear vision - team just delivering without understanding why it matters

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