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FANQ is an app connecting public pockets to artists.


Artist agnostic, FANQ generates an individual FANQ QR code for any registered FANQ artist to receive funds from fans and supporters. 

Indigenous Consulting Group Pitch

ICG is an Aboriginal consulting company the provides cultural connection programs, training, consulting and mediation services.

ICG is seeking to productise a service offering.

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The Ultimate Fight Network

The Ultimate Fight Network is the platform that brings together fighters, fans and promoters. 

Find events, buy tickets, share news, vote on your favourite fighters, seek sponsorship.


EVENTSAFE is disrupter technology that has changed event and venue security management for the better.


Out with old expensive radios, in with new improved communications using smart watches, base control, and preventative scenario mapping. 

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Shaking up the fintech industry, DecipherTrading is an app that provides you ASX performance data, and access to a trading strategy that has outperformed the market for 20 years. 

Lean startup

We understand you need to move quickly. In a two day intensive, we will take your idea and provide the structure, strategy and plan to execute your dream. 

That includes setting your vision, understanding your target audience, building you a business canvas, create a clear value proposition, a roadmap and execution plan. 

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Lean startup
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The Young Boxing Woman Project

A not for profit designed to empower young women to claim their space with no apologies. 

Utilising boxing as a tool to develop confidence in young women.

One Foot Forward

Social enterprise and sports apparel company. 

Supporting women and girls into and through the martial arts industry. 

Creating functional, quality fightwear for female athletes.

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Mixed Reality | HoloLens2

HoloLens2 was implemented at Woodside Energy to allow inspectors to perform remote inspections during COVID lockdowns. The use of remote inspections saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel time, and costly resource costs. 

Data & AI for Predictive Maintenance

Improve predictive maintenance costs by better predicting machine breakages.

The client was able to decrease the amount of money spent on maintenance whilst avoiding costly machine downtime.


What people say

Excellent delivery, with exceptional quality and customer service.

Highly recommend!

They were able to move fast and take a complex solution into a seamless and simple user experience.

A pleasure to deal with. Transparent and professional, which is a different experience to what I've had in the past. 

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